We think it's time to do conflict in a new way!

ZipSettle is Like a Small Claims Court in the Cloud

Solving Issues Like:

  • Landlord / Tenant Disputes
  • Condo / HOA Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Home Repair Disputes
  • Civil Rights Disputes
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Real Estate / Foreclosure Disputes


OUR MISSION: Offering the World a New Way to Resolve Conflicts!

What is Electronic Negotiation (eNegotiation)?

As we outlined in our Technology-enhanced Dispute Resolution (TeDR) methodology document and we highlight on our YouTube ™ Channel, TeDR TV, ZipSettle is a revolutionary eNegotiation platform in the cloud accessible by any browser from your smartphone, pad or computer that virtually negotiates for the parties using artificial intelligence based algorithms. Thus allowing the parties a very easy to use virtual experience for resolving almost any type of dispute.

Research and user experience results have proven that having the system negotiate vs face-to-face or attorney to attorney, the parties will actually see a more favorable outcome. Research supports BOTH PARTIES will get up to 20% more each than they would have settled for face-to-face or in a traditional legal process.

ZipSettle offers a simple to use approach, does not require attorneys or the courts. Both parties can use ZipSettle from their phones safely, zero confrontation, confidentially and at a very affordable price. We urge all to try ZipSettle for attempting to resolve your conflict before contracting an attorney or filing a lawsuit.


OUR GOAL: Enable BOTH parties to arrive at a solution/settlement that is GREATER THAN what each would likely have gotten using the traditional legal process!

How ZipSettle Works

So, the idea that we’ve built a better system of conflict resolution sounds wonderful, but people need to know how this actually works. Here is the typical flow of what you will experience using our platforms.

Click on "FREE CASE EVALUATION" to fill in the evaluation form. Your information will be immediately forwarded to one of our Conflict Resolution Specialist. The specialist will contact you with our recommendation.

When you agree to use ZipSettle we then collect contact information for the other party and contact them to let them know you are working with ZipSettle to reolve the conflict.

We work with the other party to fully explain how ZipSettle works, the benefits of using ZipSettle, and why they should trust our process.

More information is collected from each party and then our settlement sytem begins to help both parties come to an equitable and agreeable solution.

A final resolution is achieved and an agreement document is created. Our Customer Relationship Specialist stays engaged until the agreement is finalized and all action items are executed by each party.

Case Closed.

Our Team

Dave Puckett
Dave Puckett


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Dave Puckett
Eddie Sutton

Chief Technology Officer

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Kimberly Vivanco
Kimberly Vivanco

President, ZipSettle

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Stanley Zamor
Stanley Zamor

President, Settle-Now

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ZipSettle charges a fixed fee of just $98 USD ($49 each) that resolves a majority of the cases.

If it turns out that your particular issues cannot be resolved using ZipSettle we have other low cost tools that can be used.

For more information on our other tools please visit Settle-Now.


We take the lead on contacting the other party, explaining the benefits of using our platforms, and convincing them to participate. We have lots of experience helping people see the benefits of avoiding traditional conflict systems, so we can almost always get all parties to engage.

Someone balking after an agreement has been made is a part of the conflict process, no matter what system you choose. If this happens we engage with the hesitant party to work toward a finalized resolution. If we cannot get them to follow through on the agreement, then just like any other case, the traditional system of courts can then be invoked so that the agreement can be enforced by law.

ZipSettle is designed to be used without the help of a third party. GIVE IT A TRY. If your conflict stalls or doesn't progress as expected we have Certified Resolution Experts that can step in to keep the process moving.

Yes. Our Electronic Negotiation techniques are based on the most effective forms of mediation and conflict resolution. Having ZipSettle negotiate for you keeps the emotions out and results in a happier more rewarding process.

We do not allow Attorney access in ZipSettle, but Settle-Now is attorney-friendly at every juncture. We believe attorneys are incredible resources, especially in complicated situations where legal issues come into play in a conflict. Settle-Now is designed to make the work of an attorney faster, more organized, and more efficient. Should either or both parties want to use an attorney in addition to our system, we are more than ready to add legal help to the options we offer.

Yes. Undoubtedly. Because it’s so well organized, cuts to the heart of issues, and is cloud-based, ZipSettle saves time in countless ways. From avoiding travel time/costs through our use of online meetings, to having all documents centralized and instantly accessible to all parties, ZipSettle is built on the core value of speeding conflict resolution by making the process efficient, simple, and shareable.

Absolutely. The base costs are minimal when compared to the costs of full and protracted litigation. We’re also cheaper than in-person mediation services, because we are efficient, cut out travel time/costs, and reach resolutions quickly. One of the greatest balks people have about entering into conflict is cost; ZipSettle is completely designed to dramatically lower the costs of big conflicts, and consistently lower the costs of even smaller, more basic conflicts. Cost-saving is one of our prime directives.

Yes. Because ZipSettle is non-emotional and has no bias toward either party, it can ask questions and discover the real solutions in a satisfying way for all involved.

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For a Free Confidential Case evaluation, complete the form and a conflict specialist will contact you to tell you how we can help and how to use us.
For a Free Confidential Case evaluation, complete the form and a conflict specialist will contact you to tell you how we can help and how to use us.